FLYlogo - is a unique technology, a new way of advertising and promotion
That is an activity to draw the audience's attention 100%!
What is FlyLogo?
The flying logo is already well known way of advertising in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries!
100% organic mixture
FLYlogo - is quality soap foam, filled with helium. The foam is lighter than air that allows it to fly and follow the wind. The mixture is ecologically safe and has been tested by the developers for years.

The white is a default color for FLYlogo foam.

Your logo can fly!
A computer designed pattern is cut and installed in the 'mouth' of the foam making machine. Regretfully, not all the beautiful shapes can become the patterns for the clouds.

While designing a pattern, we'll consult as well as select and offer the best alternative that fits your event.
What size?
Currently clouds 50X50, 50X100, 100X100, 100X200 centimeters are available. A cloud can be produced from 10 till 50 seconds, depending on size of the pattern and the required cloud thickness.

To achieve a thicker cloud grouping, we recommend to have several FLYlogo machines, thus your logo could plane every 7-25 seconds.

A "cloud" looks great already at altitude of 30-100 metres.
How it works?
People used to making pictures and video, download those to internet and sharing with friends, thus making your advertising a viral.
Examples of FlyLogo
Short clips from different events
A great idea is the core of a successful advertising campaign, as well as an efficient way to let the world know about you and gain an interest of media.
During the event, the patterns may be frequently changed as many times as you wish.
Flying logo on your event!
Whether it is car dealership or store opening, a concerts or show, a party or birthday, a weeding or anniversary - FLYlogo suits best any open air private or corporate event!

A colourful clouds of various and recognizable shapes ("smiles", "animals", "stars", "flowers", "hearts") can also decorate a kids party.

We can prepare the special shapes so that the guest of a wedding anniversary could see the digits, rings or a lucky bird in the sky!
The simplest way to start!
Planning your open air event?
FLYlogo equipment fits any in- or out-of-city open air events. The best period for the flying logos is from April till October, when the air temperature is from 0 till +35 centigrade.

FLYlogo machine is to be installed in optimal location to match event scenario and at the proper weather conditions.
Installment and technical requirements?
It takes 30-40 minutes to install and uninstall FLYlogo equipment. All preparations need to be done in advance.

Each FLYlogo machine consumes 0.5KWt and can operate either at 220 V or being empowered by generator, if an event occurs at location without an access to electricity.
Conditions and results?
Your brand's logo could fly up to 40 km at altitude of 6000 meters over the Earth.

The clouds are travelling along with wind and that may change at a higher altitude.

FLYlogo machines are available for time rent only and are to be controlled by a certified operator, that service is included into the rent cost. We also deliver the equipment.
The best period for the flying logos is from April till October
30-40 min
It takes to install the FlyLogo machine
40 km
Your brand's logo could fly up to 40 km at altitude of 6000 meters over the Earth
Eye catching!
The foam clouds are well visible from a long distance and are eye-catching at large scale concerts and events when plane over the location
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